3 Bodybuilding Grandpas Who Don’t Know What Old Means

When you think of a typical 60+ year old, you probably think of someone who sits by the TV all day watching old movies and thinking about the good times, not someone who regularly hits the gym and could probably take on someone 30 years younger than them.

But these grandpas aren’t your typical pensioners. Oh no, they are all hardened gym veterans who have spent decades training their bodies to the peak of physical fitness so that they could take on people years and years younger than them.

Take Robert for instance. Even though he’s 64, and only started working out when he was 55, he has muscle definition that guys half his age would die for.

Or what about this absolutely insane 73 year old grandfather from Russia who likes to workout in his Speedos but can pull bodyweight moves that can make your jaw drop –

Or this incredible 70 year old who lifts a staggering 220 lbs not once, not twice, but 26 times!